About Us

Main Street Medical Clinic is a family medicine clinic in Springdale, NL. We offer an integrated delivery model and use technology to help us provide accessible, timely, and convenient patient care. You can:

  • book and confirm appointments online – 24/7
  • communicate with your doctor electronically
  • see your own family doctor with minimal wait times

Mission Statement

Main Street Medical Clinic, operated by Dr. Todd Young, is committed to providing compassionate, patient-centered, high quality care to all patients across the lifespan; birth until death.  Through efficient use of office personnel and technology, we offer accessible, professional, evidence-based care in a comfortable atmosphere.

How to Become a Patient

Due to the high number of current applications we are not accepting new applications at this time. Please check back regularly, or stay tuned to our Facebook page at facebook.com/mainstreetclinic for regular updates.

We are however accepting appointments for Specialized Services such as Marine Medical, Travel Health Clinic, Aviation Medical and more.

To find out more, please email us at reception@mainstreetclinic.ca

Current Patients

Please download the following release form and present to the health records department of your usual clinic or hospital to arrange timely transfer of your records. Note, the last 7 years is adequate for most individuals.

Statement of Values and Commitments

Your journey to health & wellness starts at the Main Street Medical Clinic.

Main Street Medical Clinic values accessibility.  We are committed to removing barriers to your physician, your medical care, and your personal medical information.

Main Street Medical Clinic commits to being a patient-centered practice.  Our highest priority in every decision is what is best for our patients.  Foremost importance is to have every patient feel and believe they are the most important component of our practice.

Main Street Medical Clinic values flexibility. We recognize that medicine and our health care system is always changing.  We commit to remaining flexible and a modern practice.  Through effective communication and feedback, we commit to re-evaluating our quality of care and services to better meet the needs of patients.

Main Street Medical Clinic commits to empowering staff through a healthy, cohesive work atmosphere that encourages professionalism, teamwork, and positive attitudes.

Main Street Medical Clinic recognizes the importance of efficiency when assuring patients their right to accessibility, confidentiality, commitment to wellness, and outstanding professionalism.

Main Street Medical Clinic commits itself to the people of Green Bay.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Will services be covered by MCP?

MCP will cover all services at Main Street Medical Clinic that are covered at other medical clinics.

Who is the staff at Main Street Medical Clinic?

On site, the following team are committed to effective and comprehensive health care delivery; Dr. Todd Young, Medical Director; Jennifer Burton and Alyssa Burt, Medical Receptionists; Jenny Wells and Lisa Edison, Registered Nurses; Craig Wiseman, Narcotic Addictions Coordinator. We also have off-site staff who help coordinate activities such as ‘health promotion’ and ‘occupational health’.

How will I make an appointment for Main Street Medical Clinic?

We offer 4 options to make an appointment:

  • Online booking (Scroll down or click here).
  • By emailing the receptionist at: reception@mainstreetclinic.ca
  • By calling the clinic at: 877.578.4861 ext. 101; 709.700.0397 ext. 101
  • Schedule A Home Visit (We recognize some of you may have mobility issues, etc. and have difficulty getting to the clinic. To schedule a home visit (only available in Springdale at this time), email your request to reception@mainstreetclinic.ca (put ‘home visit’ in the subject line).

Does Main Street Medical Clinic offer ‘after hours’ services such as evening clinics?

Main Street Medical Clinic recognizes the day to day needs of those accessing care. Therefore, in an effort to be responsive to these needs, evening clinics are offered Tuesday and Thursday evenings; 6pm-9pm. Periodically evening clinics may be cancelled due prior commitments by Dr. Young. Changes will be posted at www.facebook.com/mainstreetclinic/

Is confidentiality a priority for Main Street Medical Clinic?

Confidentiality is of utmost importance! Structurally, the clinic has been built using sound proofing materials. Clinic design and use of technology have allowed us to provide a safe, healthy, confidential place to discuss your health care needs.

Is Main Street Medical Clinic a teaching facility?

Yes. Dr. Todd Young is an Assistant Professor of Medicine in the faculty of medicine at MUN, Lakehead University (Thunder Bay, ON), and Laurentian University (Sudbury, ON). Sometimes you will be seen by a learner before you see Dr. Young.

Facebook Posts

Are you a nurse? doctor? or other healthcare professional battling depression, anxiety, or addiction?

Health care professionals often battle mental illness ... some groups have higher rates of suicide. Many try and deal with their mental illness in secret fearing judgement and stigmatization by others.

If you are having a crisis, need help, or need counselling, reach out to the staff at medicuro.ca ... you are not alone!
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Year in review (2017) at Main Street Medical Clinic

2 years ago today the first post went out inviting people to apply to MSMC as potential patients. So much growth as occurred since that time.

In 2017 the clinic expanded it Services in occupational health, addictions treatment, and family practice.

MSMC now as 10 full time and parttime employees.

In 2017 we opened a satellite clinic in Stephenville focused on Addictions treatment. We continued to solidify our satellite weekly clinic in Triton with enhancement of services including blood collection.

In 2017 we offered Yoga services to Springdale and surrounding areas.

In 2017 we became the first office based telemedicine site in the province.

In 2017 the staff developed the cancer care Support Fund and we have been able to provide financial assistance to many in our community.

In 2017 the provinces first and only rapid access Opioid treatment program was developed. People can assess life saving treatment within days.

In 2017 we started work on our first publication anticipated to be available for release in October 2018 ‘Finding Wellness in Newfoundland and Labrador’.

In 2017 we ended the year with an innovative project called Medicuro, the provinces 1st and only virtual clinic.

All of this as only been possible through determination, teamwork, effective leadership, and collaboration.

MSMC wishes to thank its many partners including irecover, SevenView Studios, Valard, Atlantic Offshore Medical Services, Horizon, Valard, Vale, Nalcor, and the many other companies who have entrusted us to provide care. We wish to thank all the professionals we work with including pharmacists, nurse practitioners, other physicians, and so many others.

We are blessed in so many ways.

Let’s see what 2018 will bring ...

Main Street Medical Clinic - Springdale, NL
‘Your Journey to Wellness Begins Here...’
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MSMC Addictions Video